Lung TB Treatment?

Illustration of Lung TB Treatment?
Illustration: Lung TB Treatment?

Tonight, I want to ask. My uncle used to suffer from pulmonary TB and was told to take TB medicine for 6 months, but in the 3rd month my uncle stopped taking the drug because he felt healed. and now my uncle is experiencing symptoms such as cough with no phlegm. night sweats, BB down, fever up and down since 2 months ago. with these symptoms, is my uncle having lung tuberculosis again? if true whether my uncle will take TB drugs as before? or there are other treatments that should be done by my uncle?

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Tuberculosis infection or tuberculosis is a medical condition in which mycobacterium tuberculosis germs occur which can attack several people in the body and one of them is the lungs or what is called pulmonary tuberculosis.

In contrast to other cases of infection, the management of TB infection requires antibiotic treatment of several types of drugs over the long term, 6-12 months depending on the clinical response of each person. The treatment is carried out intensively which is consumed every day without pause. In the case of TB infection, improvement of symptoms does not mean recovery, determination of the cure in the value of various medical indicators that are assessed by a pulmonary specialist.

Therefore, in a case that has happened to your uncle, it can be categorized as a tuberculosis infection, dropping out of treatment because it has never completed a series of treatments until it is declared cured by a doctor.

Incomplete TB treatment increases the incidence of germs resistant to antibiotics, so the choice and dosage of drugs for further treatment is different and requires prior evaluation from a pulmonary specialist. Therefore, it is better if you can go to a lung specialist for a media interview and a more complete examination in relation to the history of the previous tuberculosis, the history of previous treatment to the complaints that are experienced at this time.

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