Lung Tumor?

Illustration of Lung Tumor?
Illustration: Lung Tumor?

, I often cough and sometimes shortness of breath, or sometimes the breath feels heavy. CT scan results (without contrast) have Sinitra lung tumors, but my lung doctor suspects that there is a problem in the right lung. then I was referred to a larger hospital, where I was X-rayed, suspicious of segmental atelectasis DD / pulmonary mass accompanied by infection. I recommended CT Scan with Contrast IV. and after the CT scan, there were no features of lung tumors, tuberculosis or pneumonia. But until now I still cough a lot, and sometimes my breath feels heavy. please explain about my illness. Thank you in advance

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Hello Praise, Thank you for the question.

Have you consulted with a pulmonary specialist after undergoing a contrast CT scan? Your complaint can be caused by various health conditions, not only because of interference with the respiratory system. Some of the causes are:

lung cancer
stomach acid disease
heart failure
kidney failure

To ascertain the cause of a person's complaint requires further examination by a doctor. Your doctor needs to ask about your symptoms, examine your physical body, and do a number of investigations such as blood tests, X-rays, ECG, echocardiography, CT scan, endoscopy, and others. From this examination, the doctor will find out the cause and can provide further treatment in accordance with the condition. If a CT scan with contrast does not find certain medical conditions, it may be the cause is not from the respiratory system. However, due to limited information about your symptoms completely and information about your doctor's physical examination and other supporting examinations, I'm sorry I cannot provide more information about what you are experiencing. My advice, you can re-consult with a lung specialist by bringing the latest CT scan results. If the doctor does not find certain medical conditions, you can consult with a specialist in internal medicine. The doctor will return to interview and examine you to find the cause. The results of this examination will be used as a reference to determine the next treatment.

In the meantime, please do the following:

try to identify triggers for your symptoms such as exposure to dust, physical activity, consumption of certain foods. By identifying the trigger, complaints might be avoided
Avoid exposure to dust and other air pollution
avoid lying down after eating
avoid consuming large portions of food preferably in small portions but more often
avoid smoking
I hope this helps.

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