Lung Typhus And Inflammation Accompanied By Fever For 6 Days?

Illustration of Lung Typhus And Inflammation Accompanied By Fever For 6 Days?
Illustration: Lung Typhus And Inflammation Accompanied By Fever For 6 Days?

Hello doctor !! A week ago, my brother had a fever and then cold for 6 days, he took medicine from a clinic that might just have a fever, but it hasn’t healed for this week. Then 3 days later feeling weak and short of breath. X-rays revealed there were spots in the lungs and were affected by typhus. Already treated at home and given a 2-bottle infusion but did not improve, instead felt weak and had difficulty breathing. How was the response?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at The journey of your brother's disease, actually requires further information to find out whether it is true that the condition of the disease is ongoing, complications of the disease, or there are new conditions that actually just appeared in the middle.

This is important because typhus is often not related to spots or inflammation of the lungs and causes difficulty breathing. So if you are diagnosed with two diseases, it is likely that he has both at the same time and needs to be ascertained, the majority of complaints now appear more due to which condition. For example, for difficulty breathing, this can be caused by various things, could be due to spots on the lungs, could be due to asthma if he had a history of asthma, could also be due to infusions that are too much so that there is fluid in the lungs and cause difficulty breathing.

Our advice, if your brother's condition worsens you should not take care of him at home. Back to the doctor who examined him some time ago and asked to be hospitalized for fear of worsening the condition that gets worse if not monitored constantly. Meanwhile, make sure he consumes his medication regularly, avoid cigarette smoke, dust and pollution, make sure he consumes healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, avoid spicy, sour and oily foods, then if his condition gets worse again, don't hesitate to take him to The nearest hospital emergency room. So, hopefully answering your question.

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