Lung X-ray Examination Results?

Illustration of Lung X-ray Examination Results?
Illustration: Lung X-ray Examination Results?

Hello, I want to ask and please explain what is meant by “tb with right pleural effusion? ” Thank you for the answer

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Hello Chachaannisa, thank you for asking with

TB or Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease of the lungs caused by the bacteria Microbacterium tuberculosis. This disease is characterized by complaints of long-standing cough (chronic) or more than 3 weeks and can be accompanied by blood, night sweats, weakness, fever, and weight loss. TB can be transmitted from someone who is suffering to others when talking, coughing or sneezing. But that does not mean that all people exposed to TB germs will suffer from this disease, all depends on one's immune system.

Pleural effusion can be a complication of tuberculosis infection which is characterized by a buildup of fluid between the wrapping layers (pleura) of the lungs. The liquid actually functions as a lubricant to help the lungs expand and deflate while breathing. Symptoms of a pelvic effusion are usually shortness of breath, chest pain when breathing, coughing, or fever.

Keep in mind that doctors cannot determine the diagnosis just by reading the x-ray results. We recommend that you consult with your doctor or a lung specialist because more information is needed about your complaint and a direct physical examination. If it is proven to be tuberculosis, the doctor may give medicines to kill the TB germs and keep in mind that the drug must be taken as directed by your doctor for about 6 months. Failure to follow your doctor's advice can be fatal and can cause resistance or germs to become resistant TB. If it is needed, your doctor can also advise you to do pleural puncture to remove excess fluid from the lungs.

Hopefully this information can help you. Thanks.

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