Lung X-ray Examination Results Due To Shortness Of Breath?

Illustration of Lung X-ray Examination Results Due To Shortness Of Breath?
Illustration: Lung X-ray Examination Results Due To Shortness Of Breath?

I want to ask what signs of my lung X-ray results, because I feel pain in the chest, disappear arises, said the doctor only allergic.Here follows the results of his labSaphyroid diaphragm and normal cast.Pulmo: bronchovascular patterns rather crowded, especially paracardial. .No visible cavitas, intercourse or pleural effusion.No visible fractures or abnormalities in the thorathic ossa. IMPRESSION: Bronchitis. Does not appear specific active.

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Hello Robby,

X-ray is one of the supporting examinations. Supporting examination can not be separated from the results of physical examination and history taking (question and answer). So, the most appropriate reading is by a doctor who examines Robby directly.

If it only refers to the results of Robby's x-rays, the impression is bronchitis. Bronchitis is inflammation of the bronchi, the respiratory tract in the form of pipes in the lungs. Bronchitis is usually a symptom of cough with phlegm, can be accompanied by weakness, dizziness, sore throat, aches, and other symptoms.

Bronchitis is generally caused by a virus. Symptoms other than coughing will usually decrease after one week but the cough can still last for several weeks. Bronchitis can be aggravated by a history of previous allergies. Usually coughing will disappear longer. Bronchitis is acute and chronic. Chronic bronchitis has a longer period of time, which can take weeks or even months.

To overcome this, the doctor will provide treatment according to symptoms, such as phlegm thinners or cough reliever, fever medication if fever, bronchodilator medicine if there is shortness. If the doctor suspects a bacterial infection, antibiotics can also be given. Robby can now follow the treatment recommended by the doctor. If after the drug runs out there are still complaints, return to the doctor for further examination.

For more, read: Bronchitis


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