Lung X-ray Examination Results?

Illustration of Lung X-ray Examination Results?
Illustration: Lung X-ray Examination Results?

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Basically, the normal chest X-ray is not homogeneous black. Lungs that look homogeneous black actually indicate an abnormal lung (there is a collapse of the lung or a pulmonary hyperinflation as in asthma or COPD). The presence of spots on the lung parenchyma can be normal (picture of bronchial branches and also large blood vessels in the lung), can also be abnormal (picture of inflammation of the lungs or infection of the lungs). You have to look directly at your x-ray picture to determine it. We recommend that you consult with a radiologist or bring your lung X-ray to the doctor who suggests examinations to read further. To diagnose the disease, you must do a symptom analysis and a direct physical examination as well as seeing the results of your lung x-rays.

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