Lung X-ray?

Illustration of Lung X-ray?
Illustration: Lung X-ray?

I was 4 days ago I had a fever, dizziness, diarrhea, coughing, sneezing .. then I was referred to rongent lung but I was not explained what pain. my lungs were black and slightly tight. they just say I suspect were given drugs. Was told to check-up in 1 week, whereas in 3 days I was healthy. What I felt 4 days ago has not felt anymore. Is it possible after 4 days of rongent check and rongent again? What kind of life can my lungs be healthy?

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black lungs indicate excess gas which is like pneumothorax. Pneumothorax is the medical term for the collection of air in the pleural cavity, which is a thin cavity bounded by two pleural membranes between the lungs and the chest wall. In general, pneumothorax is divided into two, namely primary and secondary pneumothorax. When pneumothorax occurs in healthy people without lung disease, this condition is called primary pneumothorax. Conversely, pneumothorax that is experienced due to complications from lung disease is called secondary pneumothorax. Meanwhile, secondary pneumothorax occurs when you have experienced a certain lung disease (asthma, tuberculosis, whooping cough, and chronic obstructive pulmonary). In addition, injuries to the lungs and chest can also be a cause of pneumothorax.

with the corona virus to attack the airway, so you suspect suspect that is the person in monitoring. even though you think you are healthy, my advice is that you continue to take your medication until it is finished and continue to be re-controlled so that you do an evaluation until the doctor says you are healthy, because even though the symptoms are gone, sometimes the cause has not been completely treated. be a disciplined patient so that you are healthy and around you too. for rongen it depends on the advice of the doctor who checked, but usually not in the near future after you have just done the rongen examination. because it is not possible in that time your lungs will immediately return to normal.

There are several things you can do:

 b) order patients who follow the directions of the doctor take the drug until after re-control even though it feels healthy to be more sure to use a mask when near other people or out of the house often do hand washing with soap for 20 seconds so that it is sufficient to consume enough water 2 liters a day isolate myself at home now so I can give info

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