Lung X-rays And How Lung Disease Is Transmitted?

Illustration of Lung X-rays And How Lung Disease Is Transmitted?
Illustration: Lung X-rays And How Lung Disease Is Transmitted?

u003cspan style = “color: # 3b3738; font-family: LatoWeb, sans-serif; ” u003 scoop, I want to ask if I have lung disease, I have checked the x-rays and checked the results of this blood, u003cbr u003eCos: Pulmo does not appear abnormal: Fibroinfiltrative Supra hilar and the left hilar Diaphragm and sinus both Impression: KP Sinatra active. I want to ask: u003c / span u003e

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Hello Harven

From the x-ray examination, you give the impression that there is a lung infection caused by tuberculosis (TB). However, the results of the x-ray should be compared with the clinical symptoms that you are experiencing and also from the results of other health checks to ensure that the X-ray picture is in accordance with other medical aspects.

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1. Can not, pulmonary tuberculosis transmission is through the air containing TB germs when sneezing and / or coughing and then inhaled into another person's respiratory tract. TB will not be transmitted through food, drinks, kissing, physical contact (such as shaking hands), using the toilet seat alternately, or using a toothbrush that is used together. Therefore, to prevent transmission to others, patients with pulmonary TB are expected to wear respiratory masks.

2. Symptoms experienced by each person can be different even though the diagnosis / medical conditions are the same, this depends on the immune system of each individual, the body's ability to respond to an infection, and the extent of problems / disorders that have been caused by the infection.

So someone could have symptoms of TB that are already very typical even though they have just been infected but there are also symptoms that are very mild even though the person has actually been infected with TB for much longer.

That is why a doctor's direct assessment still needs to be done, if someone is infected with TB then all people who live with him are advised to check too, because TB bacteria can stay alive in the air (which has been contaminated) for several hours, that's why even though coughing or sneezing the patient does not directly affect other people, however, the air around him can be polluted and can still be inhaled by others.

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