Illustration of Lung?
Illustration: Lung?

morning. I am a sufferer of tb. I forgot to take TB medicine at 11 am. I just remembered it at 6 in the morning. and I immediately drink it. Can I?

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Hello sayful,

Thank you for the question.

TB (tuberculosis) is a disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. Therefore, the consumption of drugs to eradicate microorganisms is very important so that the disease healed and does not cause dangerous complications. Drugs given to TB sufferers are classified as OAT (anti-TB drugs), which consists of a combination of antibiotics and supplements that need to be consumed by patients for at least 6 months. With regular treatment, the potential for healing this disease is actually quite high. Being treated also, your risk of transmitting the disease to others around you will be very small.

Ideally, to be able to work optimally, OAT needs to be consumed at the same hour on the doctor's recommended schedule. The recommended consumption of OAT can be different depending on your disease category, treatment phase, and the type of treatment given. However, in general, late consuming OAT less than 24 hours, if only occasionally occurs, is not a dangerous condition. You can continue to consume OAT as soon as you remember.

Although it is often not dangerous, this condition should not be repeated. The concern is that if you repeat frequently, the effectiveness of the drug will decrease, and the risk of your illness not recovering or the risk of drug resistance will be even greater.

So that you no longer forget, you try to do:

Create a regular schedule for taking medication
Display the schedule for taking the medication in a place that is easily visible
Set alarm taking medication
Ask for support from family or other people who live with you to remind you of taking the medication

Do not forget, regular control of your disease to the doctor or doctor of the disease in accordance with the recommended schedule so that your disease can be further evaluated, right?

I hope this helps.

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