Illustration of Lungs?
Illustration: Lungs?

Good afternoon, I want to ask my husband who is an active smoker, now he wants a medical checkup to apply for a job but the company does not accept smoking employees. What do you do to keep my husband’s lungs clean and produce good results and then go to work? Thank you😇

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Hello Sherly.mar,

There are several types of medical check-ups for workers / employees, namely:

Pre employment medical check up: when applying for jobs
Regular medical check-up: regular medical check-ups according to the potential hazards and risks in the work environment
Special medical check-ups: medical examinations to detect the effect of work on certain workers or groups of workers

One of the examinations carried out during a medical check-up is a lung examination. This lung examination is performed by interview, physical examination, x-rays, and sometimes spirometry. This is to assess lung function, are there certain diseases, and certain habits, such as smoking.

To maintain lung health, it is better to stop smoking. By quitting smoking, it does not only protect the lungs, but also maintains the health of the lungs of the family and those around them. Therefore, your husband should start learning to quit smoking.

There are several tips that can be done before medical check-up for employees:

When going to a medical check-up, try to relax your body, avoid running or doing sports right before the medical check-up
Avoid cold drinks
Avoid smoking at least 1 hour before medical check-up
Ask if there are any tests that require fasting first
Avoid drinking alcohol
Get enough sleep at least 6 hours before medical check-up
Tell your doctor or examiner if you are taking certain drugs

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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