Lungs And Heart?

Illustration of Lungs And Heart?
Illustration: Lungs And Heart?

Good night … I want to ask besides breast milk, what milk can help cure lung infections … and heart leak … my child is 4 months old, Thank you

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Lung infections in infants are usually termed medical conditions in pneumonia. This condition can arise due to many reasons, often due to viral or bacterial infections, and aspirations (choking of foreign objects other than air into the lungs). Clinically, the symptoms of pneumonia in infants can vary, but often in the form of fever, coughing, shortness of breath, phlegm throat, additional breath sounds, the child looks weak, lazy to suckle, excessive sweating, and can even cause a decrease in consciousness. Children are far more susceptible to pneumonia because of their relatively weak immune system. Inadequate breastfeeding can also increase this risk, because it makes the immune system is not optimal, and is often also given with inappropriate media (such as pacifiers) so that the large potential to cause aspiration.

Meanwhile, a heart leak in a baby is usually part of a congenital heart disease. Depending on the type and location of the disorder, a leaky heart can cause mild to dangerous clinical symptoms. Frequently, babies who have a heart leak will look weak, cry weak, pale or bluish, breathing fast and tight, excessive sweating, mild fever, and stunted development.

Neither pneumonia nor heart leak is directly related to consumption of certain types of milk. It is better if your baby is still not 6 months old, you do not give him extra food or drinks other than breast milk, unless the doctor directly recommends it. It is feared that improper feeding or additional drinks can actually make your baby's condition worse.

Pneumonia and heart leak can be treated with different approaches depending on the type, severity, and clinical symptoms experienced by the patient. This treatment can be done by administering several types of drugs, surgery, and so on. More precisely, you consult directly the best type of treatment with a doctor or pediatrician who treats your baby huh ..

In the meantime, you can focus exclusively on giving your baby breast milk so that their endurance and energy adequacy are well maintained. To increase your milk production, be diligent about your milk, drink and eat more nutritious, do not get too tired, and not too much sadness or excessive anxiety.

Hope this helps ...

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