Illustration of Lungs?
Illustration: Lungs?

Good afternoon, I want to ask how to cure dirty lungs? By consuming a lot of what? My mother has dirty lung disease, every night but difficulty breathing (tightness), what do you think?

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Good afternoon, thanks for asking at Complaints that your mother experienced, actually still need further description to find out the original cause. There are various diseases that originate from the lungs or outside the lungs that can cause symptoms of shortness of breath, both in the form of asthma, tuberculosis infections, pneumonia, heart muscle disorders, to cancer.

And the term dirty lung itself can actually be a simplified term for the results of x-rays. In a normal chest radiograph, the results should look like the image below.

When compared with the patient's x-rays below, it is easy to conclude that the results shown by the x-rays below are more "dirty" than normal. But the causes of "dirty" itself can vary, ranging from mucus, infections, fluid buildup, to the growth of uncontrolled tissue.

Therefore, we recommend that you consult your mother with an internist or pulmonary doctor, because after all, a direct examination is still needed to be able to diagnose and determine treatment for someone. By checking directly, you can ask what is the medical name of your mother's illness, and determine a joint treatment plan, including what should be avoided and what should be maintained.

Meanwhile, it is important to maintain your mother's blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and heart function. If all this has never been examined, then ask your mother to do a general examination / medical check-up at the nearest hospital. So, hopefully answering your question.

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