Lymph Gland?

Illustration of Lymph Gland?
Illustration: Lymph Gland?

In the morning, I want to ask about the problem of the glands in the body of my 4-year-old son, 8 months old, on the right side of my neck. deflated but after 1 month the glands reappeared, and until now they have been treated, but they haven’t disappeared yet. What should be the solution? Thank you, thank you

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Good afternoon.

Related to the conditions experienced by your child can occur because of several things like

  lymph node infection This is usually associated with benign or malignant bacterial or viral tumors of the lymph node infection in the salivary gland area. some good things to do are

 keep your immune system properly multiply enough to eat nutritious fluids, see a history of tumors or malignancies in the family Thus information may be useful

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