Lymph Operation Scars That Are Wet Again

Illustration of Lymph Operation Scars That Are Wet Again
Illustration: Lymph Operation Scars That Are Wet Again

Hello ,, congratulations mlm, I have a history of tuberculosis getahbening ,, and now my ex-surgery is starting to get wet again, pus continues, when I am still in control I like being given drops of cool medicine, it doesn’t dry and dry again, I guess the medicine is what is the name

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Hello Amelia,

Thank you for the question.

TB (tuberculosis) in the lymph nodes can cause lumps that are painful, springy, easy to move, and can swell when inflamed. This condition is the main treatment is given anti-TB drugs (OAT). However, if the inflammation is quite severe due to secondary infection, or if a malignancy is suspected, this gland can also be operated on.

Lymph node surgery that is wet, sore, and suppurating generally indicates a secondary infection in the former operation. This condition should not be carelessly given drugs, ointments, etc. without the advice of a doctor. Concerned, improper handling can actually worsen inflammation in your former surgery.

Safer, you check yourself directly to the nearest doctor to be given the right treatment. Not only that, at home, you also need to make the following efforts so that complaints subside:

Bathing diligently, so that the former operation remains clean
Clean your former surgery regularly using sterile gauze moistened with intravenous fluids or antiseptics, press so that the pus comes out, don't close it too tight
Expand to relax and eat foods rich in calories and protein
Discipline to live a healthy lifestyle so that endurance increases

During a COVID-19 pandemic like this, you are advised to postpone the examination to the hospital so that the risk of disease transmission can be minimized. So, first handle your condition to the nearest doctor. If necessary, the doctor will refer you to a dermatologist or surgeon later.

Hope this helps ...

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