Lymphoma Treatment Solution?

Illustration of Lymphoma Treatment Solution?
Illustration: Lymphoma Treatment Solution?

Good evening doc. I want to ask, biological therapy with examples of this rituximab drug in Indonesia in which hospital has it been done and what is the success rate? To find out the spread and how malignant or not? left abdomen, but his left leg is now swelling it looks like his blood circulation is not smooth doc his leg numbness and pain sometimes is like a cut What treatment solution can he do?

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Hello. Good night. Thank you for asking

Lymphomas are malignant tumors that appear in the lymph nodes or lymph nodes in the body. Some things that spur and become a risk are over 55 years of age, viral infections, decreased immune system such as HIV, diabetes, nuclear families with similar complaints, and excess weight.

Symptoms experienced are a lump in the body area in general the neck, armpits, and groin. Which can be accompanied by fatigue, fever, chills, susceptible to infection, drastic weight loss. If you experience this it should be examined by a doctor and then a physical examination, blood, imaging, and biopsy to take tissue so that it can be ascertained whether it leads to malignant cells or not.

Treatment will vary with each patient depending on the type of lymphoma, severity, other disease conditions, and age. In general the first choice in treatment is that some chemotherapy can be combined with other therapies viz

Steroid medicines.
Biological therapy, for example the drug rituximab. How it works is to attach themselves to cancer cells and then stimulate the immune system to attack and kill it.
Bone marrow transplantation, especially in someone who has severe bone marrow damage

And can be done things that support for the patient's condition by maintaining a healthy orphan lifestyle

- Adequate and nutritious nutrition
- Liquids that meet
- Mild exercise regularly
- Avoid smoking, alcohol.
- Maintain body weight within the ideal limits

Further consultation can be done with an oncology specialist.

Thus the information we can convey. May be useful. Thank you

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