السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته my child is 9 years old. Why do you often vomit? After checking the stomach is always sick. How fast to stop this disease.

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Vomiting is a condition that is often found in children and adults. Usually complaints of recurring vomiting arise due to disturbances in the digestive organs or other causes, namely: dyspepsia (symptoms of acid reflux), stomach ulcers, food poisoning, digestive disorders due to bacteria or due to irregular eating patterns, stress, lack of rest time, or can also be allergic to certain foods.

Repeated vomiting certainly makes you worry about your child. Try to apply small but frequent meals, and not skip breakfast, lunch and dinner. For example like this, your child eats main 3x morning, afternoon, evening. Now then give snacks such as biscuits or bread in 2-3 hours after the main meal, the portions do not need too much. At the time of the main meal, the portions should not be too much. This is done so that your child's stomach continues to be filled but with portions that are not too many will reduce the risk of vomiting. Also do the following tips:

 Avoid snacking carelessly because it is feared to be contaminated by bacteria. Avoid foods that are seasoned too strong Eat nutritious foods such as vegetables and fruit. If you want to give your child vitamins that contain high vitamin C, it can be given after your child eats. Also avoid soft drinks and too sweet, Always wash your hands well before or after eating, Get enough rest, drink plenty of water so that your child's fluid needs are still met. If complaints of vomiting do not stop or even more severe, even accompanied by high fever, limp children, do not want to eat and drink at all, abdominal pain, defecation in liquid form, until shortness of breath, take your child immediately to the doctor to be examined live. If needed, the doctor will conduct supporting examinations such as blood tests to ultrasound.

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