Make Up For Bupropion Medication By Prescription From A Doctor?

Illustration of Make Up For Bupropion Medication By Prescription From A Doctor?
Illustration: Make Up For Bupropion Medication By Prescription From A Doctor?

Good afternoon Doc, I’m 22-year-old Viko Andreas. I want to quit my smoking habit, which is classified as an active smoker. There is one colleague who advocates taking Bupropion to stop smoking, who I want to ask if the drug is sold freely in the market dock? And if we want to buy what must be accompanied by a doctor’s prescription? thank you

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The existence of smoking habits that you live so far and now you have the desire to stop smoking, then for the effort to stop smoking this can be done in several ways, either by independent business or with direct supervision from your doctor / psychiatrist. Your enthusiasm and intention to stop smoking must continue to be endured consistently starting from a mild effort to other businesses that you think can be done. Even if the efforts you have made do not produce results, then do not give up and continue to look for solutions so you can stop smoking. Because by stopping smoking, you can improve the quality of your health and your health status for the better. By stopping smoking, your body's system is protected from chemicals and also your family or people around you also avoid cigarette smoke which poses a risk to human health.

If you try to stop smoking, then you need to evaluate, what causes you to start smoking and what makes it difficult for you to stop smoking or fail to stop smoking. By knowing the risk factors, it is expected that you will begin to control and avoid these risk factors, such as being easily anxious, because of friends or because you want to follow trends and so forth. Remember or write all this down and find a solution that is good for you in anticipating this factor, so it doesn't affect you in your efforts to stop smoking.

In addition to being independent, several other efforts can also be made to stop smoking, such as:

Positive thinking

In connection with your question, about the Bupropion drug, this drug is an anti-depressant drug, meaning that this drug is a hard drug which should not be sold over the counter without a doctor's prescription. So to get this drug, you must consult directly with your lung doctor, internal medicine or psychiatrist. Prescribing is done to get supervision of the process of quitting smoking safely and stay healthy. So you cannot buy this medicine without prescription from your doctor.

This drug is a strong drug and is as an anti-depressant where this drug can also be used to suppress your desire to smoke. This drug works by suppressing brain chemistry so as to help the mood of patients with depression and suppress the desire of patients who are addicted to cigarettes, and suppress the effects of smoking cessation.

The examination by a doctor is needed because to monitor the effects of sampin and prevent unexpected drug interactions, such as interactions with steroids can increase the risk of seizures in patients. Some drug side effects can also occur, however, with a doctor's supervision and an appropriate therapeutic dose, the side effects can be minimized and prevented. Some of the side effects are:

Hard to sleep
Nausea and vomiting
The frequency of breathing increases
Trembling / tremor
Stomach is not comfortable
Frequent urination and difficult bowel movements

Therefore, to prevent unexpected side effects, a consultation and direct examination by your doctor are needed.

For now, evaluate each of the risk factors for your smoking habit, so that if you have stopped smoking, this habit will not repeat itself.

Thus the info we can convey.

thank you

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