Making Disinfectant Liquid?

Illustration of Making Disinfectant Liquid?
Illustration: Making Disinfectant Liquid?

Hello, I want to ask. I want to make an antiseptic solution, may we mix chloroxylenol and povidone iodine because they are antiseptic ingredients

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Regarding the use of disinfectants, safe considerations should also be taken to be used in accordance with the indications whether for cleaning on certain surfaces or will be used on the skin.

Chloroxylenol is a disinfectant that is used for separation of skin areas which is usually found in soap content which has the effect of killing bacteria and parasites that will interfere. This is actually already good to use for washing. bathing, and washing hands where the function already has a pretty good disinfectant.

While povidon iodine is povidon iodine is a disinfectant whose use is usually not by washing but by rubbing it or in some conditions it can be used for gargling. This usually damages germ cells and prevents further development. However, beware of long-term use can result in the disruption of iod in the body, swelling, and local irritation

Related to mixing there is no further data regarding the uses and benefits. Separate use should be considered, especially if exposure to the skin to prevent irritation.

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