Malaria Drugs To Treat Covid 19

Illustration of Malaria Drugs To Treat Covid 19
Illustration: Malaria Drugs To Treat Covid 19

Doc, along with the development of the news, the temporary drug for covid-19 is using a malaria drug called “Chloroquine” where I am a sufferer of G6 blood negligence. Therefore this chloroquine should not be consumed by G6 sufferers. The questions are: 1. can 150 mg of chloroquine have a bad effect? ​​2. Is the Japanese avigan drug containing the active ingredient “favipiravir ” safe for people with G6 blood disorders?

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Hello Ted,

Thank you for the question.

Until now, there has been no treatment to cure covid-19. There are still many studies conducted to test various types of drugs related to its efficacy against this coronavirus. However, some countries have used several types of 'temporary' drugs in patients who are positive with covid-19, one of them with the malaria drug and influenza drug that you mentioned. But once again, these drugs have not yet passed clinical trials to become first-line drugs in the management of covid-19.

The malaria drug that you mentioned is a class of hard drugs whose dosage and use must be in accordance with the prescription and doctor's recommendation, because of its deadly side effects. Side effects of these drugs ranging from dizziness, nausea and vomiting, to the serious side effects that occur a lot, such as damage to the eye nerves and heart rhythm disorders that can cause sudden death. Likewise with the influenza drug that you mentioned, which although until now has not documented serious side effects, but that is because this drug has just passed the trial as an influenza drug in 2015 and is still very rarely used so we do not know for sure the fatal side effects given , including its use in people with G6 deficiency on.

Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to consume the above drugs without a prescription and doctor's advice. These drugs are also not drugs that are used to prevent covid-19, so they will not benefit healthy people, and instead will have side effects that should be avoided by not taking them carelessly.

To date, the most appropriate step to prevent the spread of covid-19 has been to wash hands regularly with water and soap or sanitizers containing at least 60% alcohol, clean frequently touched surfaces such as gadgets, door handles, etc., limiting contact with others with stay at home and not interact directly with other people.

Hopefully this information can help.


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