Malaria Or Not

Illustration of Malaria Or Not
Illustration: Malaria Or Not

greetings dock, sorry to ask. my friend was boarding at a boarding school in Sarang Rembang. then he was home in Wonosobo. now he is at home. There are already 3 days if every evening until evening he always has a fever. But if during the day he is healthy as usual. All I ask is that it can be said that the symptoms of malaria doc? And can malaria without being bitten by mosquitoes? Hot and cold in Wonobo. Ask your doctor for clarity.

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Good evening, thanks for asking at The symptoms that your friend experiences can be caused by a variety of possibilities, including:

 Typhoid fever Dengue fever Corona Chikungunya infection Malaria cannot be experienced without an intermediate mosquito, but a person can certainly be bitten by a malaria mosquito without realizing it. So all the possibilities are indeed still not be ruled out. Our advice, with the corona virus outbreak, if the symptoms experienced by your friend do not improve in 2-3 days, he should immediately consult himself to the nearest general practitioner for examination related to his condition and handled according to his needs.

Meanwhile, tell him not to leave the house except for important matters and consult a doctor, increase consumption of warm water, adequate rest, warm compresses forehead, shower and soak in warm water, consume multivitamins and supplements, avoid cigarettes, and increase consumption vegetable and fruit. So, hopefully answering your question.

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