Malignant Or Benign Tumors

Illustration of Malignant Or Benign Tumors
Illustration: Malignant Or Benign Tumors

I want to ask on my left arm there is an abnormal lump, the texture is rather hard, most likely the tumor, but including malignant or benign tumors? If I understand from this web, malignant tumors damage the performance of other body parts, don’t I feel like that so How do I have a benign tumor? Thank you

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Any cell growth that occurs abnormally and excessively or out of control is called a tumor. Tumors can form on any part of the body and any tissue. Tumors are characterized by lumps forming. There are 2 types of tumors in outline, namely benign and malignant tumors or cancer. Some benign tumors have the potential to be malignant, ranging from low to high potential.
The malignant tumor or cancer has the following characteristics, namely a hard palpable lump, can not be moved from the surrounding tissue, experiencing rapid growth and causing symptoms (such as pain, itching, bleeding and others). Malignant tumors are characterized by tumors attacking other tissues, ranging from the surrounding tissue to tissue or organs far from it. Spread to these distant organs through lymph flow, this is referred to as metastasis.
Meanwhile, if the tumor feels soft / springy / like watery, can be moved from the surrounding tissue, growth is very slow (and even there is no increase in size) and there are no symptoms such as pain or itching or bleeding easily, then it is most likely a benign tumor.
To make a definitive diagnosis of a tumor (whether benign or malignant), a biopsy is needed. Therefore, if there are no complaints other than a lump, then you can just make observations at home until the COVID-19 pandemic status is revoked WHO. However, if there are complaints about malignant tumors, then you should immediately consult an oncologist. Meanwhile, do not ever try to solve the lump huh. Because it can worsen the condition.

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