Mammae Ultrasound Reading?

Illustration of Mammae Ultrasound Reading?
Illustration: Mammae Ultrasound Reading?

Hello, I am a woman, 24 years old, and I have had 2 FAM surgeries. I want to ask for the reading of my mammary ultrasound results. Last week, I saw a doctor because I had a lump in my right armpit and had to have surgery after seeing the results of my ultrasound. for my ultrasound results as follows: Right mamae: Cut and sub cutis homogeneous normal, echo homogeneous fibroglandular structure, SOL (-), Not visible micro calcification. Sinus lactiferus does not widen. Glandular fibro structure in right axilla prominent, axial diameter 13.4×25 , 7mm. Axillary axes do not appear to be enlarged. Left mouse: Cutis and sub cutis are normal homogeneous. Echo homogeneous fibroglandular structure, SOL (-), Not visible micro calcifications. Sinus lactiferus does not widen, Axillary KGB does not appear enlarged. Conclusions Mammaria aberant axilla right. No morphologic / SOL abnormalities were seen in bilateral mammals. The meaning of the reading was u0026amp; What do I think the ultrasound conclusion is? Is there any possibility of the results of the ultrasound reading, the lump in my armpit is cancer, or leads to cancer? Thank you

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Hello Sasanti,

From the conclusion of your ultrasound is written right mammaria aberant axilla. Mammaria aberant is the breast tissue or glands found elsewhere outside the breast. Most often occurs in the armpit (axilla). Aberant mammals are also called ectopic mammals, polymastia, or breast tissue accessories.

Aberant mammaria is caused by congenital abnormalities (present from birth). Lumps get bigger when the breasts also get bigger and usually only realized by the patient when it is at a size that is large enough. Mammary aberant is the same as tissue in the breast, also affected by the menstrual cycle. Palpable lumps can be slightly enlarged and palpable pain before menstruation. Generally aberant mammaria are harmless and are not precancerous lesions.

The diagnosis of aberant mammaria is based on a history of complaints, physical examination and investigations such as ultrasonography. If the lump is suspected as a malignancy, then the doctor may ask for another examination such as an MRI, CT scan, or biopsy.

Handling of aberant mammaria cases is observation (no action is taken, just monitored progress) and surgery. Surgery is performed if the size of the lump is large, interferes with movement, is very painful, or at the request of the patient. Please consult further with a surgeon to determine the appropriate action for your condition. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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