Mammae Ultrasound Results?

Illustration of Mammae Ultrasound Results?
Illustration: Mammae Ultrasound Results?

Good afternoon .. Please explain the results of my mammary ultrasound .. n nMASSA IN MAMMAE DEXTRA Accompanied by dilatation of the lactiferous ducts especially those leading to the areola (birads4).

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Hello Mrs. Raa Alimuddin,

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Ultrasonography has an early role and study for breast lump screening. This examination is performed on women aged less than 35 years. The ultrasound results showed a left breast intraductal nodule, meaning that there was a tumor in the left breast milk duct. Usually this sign refers to intarductal papilloma.

An intraductal papilloma is a benign tumor in the breast that originates from the epithelium of the lactiferous duct, a duct that connects the lobules of the mammary glands with the tip of the nipple, the tumors are generally solitary. Papilloma symptoms are usually characterized by inflammation and discharge from the nipple either spontaneously or when the lump is pressed. The fluid can be serous or mixed with blood. Lumps can be found behind or on the sides of the nipple. This disease usually occurs in women aged 35-55 years.

For proper diagnosis and treatment, you should immediately go to a doctor with the ultrasound results. When you are treated, you will do a breast examination, a mammography / ultrasound examination, and a biopsy with FNAB will be recommended. Local excision or removal of the lump from the breast is the main therapy.

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