Illustration of Mammae
Illustration: Mammae

Good Afternoon Doc, Please help explain this huh doc. How to cure it and what foods should be avoided and eaten huh doc? Thank you

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Hello Miaayu,

Thank you for the question.

Radiological examination in the area of ​​the breast, including mammography, MRI, ultrasound, and CT scan of the breast is only correctly interpreted by the doctor who examined you directly. Because, this examination is only supporting, so the results must be compared with clinical symptoms that appear as well as the results of other investigations conducted, for example blood tests, hormone sensitivity tests, biopsies, and so on. So, the most appropriate answer to your question is actually a doctor who checks you in person right ...

At first glance, referring to the results of the examination that you describe, it appears that there is a clearly demarcated mass, regular edges, tubular, measuring 0.73x1.2x1.1 cm in the 8 o'clock direction about 5 cm distance from the left nipple. Reviewing its characteristics, this mass seemed tame (BIRADS 3). Meanwhile, the right breast and lymph nodes in the vicinity did not reveal any significant abnormalities.

There are many types of benign mass that may appear in the breast area, for example cysts, fibromadenomas, abscesses, fat necrosis, papillomas, adenosis, Phyllodes tumors, and so on. In general, the handling steps that need to be taken to overcome this condition can differ depending on the type of mass. It's just that, in general, benign masses in the breast can be treated simply by periodic observation, surgery, or administration of drugs. Independently, so that the mass in the breast does not increase, you are advised to consume lots of antioxidants, for example organic vegetables, seeds, organic fruits, fish oil, and water. Consumption of instant food, preservatives, alcohol, salt, and flavorings should also be avoided so that the growth of cancer cells can be inhibited.

Furthermore, you should consult directly with the doctor or surgeon who treats you ...

I hope this helps.

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