Mammary Gland

Illustration of Mammary Gland
Illustration: Mammary Gland

Hello doc, at that time I found like there was a lump / small bump in the right breast near the nipple then I checked the doctor said it was a mammary gland and it was normal if you want more visible menstruation. My question is whether the lump can disappear on its own or how do you dock? And is it not dangerous? Because the lump is still and there is no change in size when I touch it remains the same shape. Thank you dock

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Hello Ristra,

Thank you for the question.

Lumps in the palpable breast more clearly during menstruation are often natural due to swelling of the mammary glands, or in the medical realm called breast fibrocystic changes. However, it could also be, lumps in the breast appear due to other factors, such as fibroadenoma, breast cysts, breast abscesses, clodged duct, mastitis, swollen lymph nodes, infection or skin tumors, breast cancer, hypertrophic scars, and many other possibilities.

The danger of a lump in your breast can certainly be different depending on the underlying cause. If it's true the doctor said, that your complaint is purely caused by a swollen milk gland, of course this is not dangerous. Enough with a warm compress, eat lots of foods that contain antioxidants (including vegetables, grains, fruit, fish oil, and water), improve your personal hygiene, don't overeat eating instant and preserved foods, and discipline to do breast self-examination (BSE) ), often these lumps will not enlarge.

But on the contrary, if it turns out that triggering a lump in your breast is something else, of course the handling can be different again. In some cases, breast lumps may also need to be treated further, such as by being given drugs, suctioning, surgery, and various other therapeutic modalities. It could also be, so that the cause of the lump is clear, the doctor will direct you to undergo an ultrasound examination, biopsy, mammography, and so on. Therefore, if in doubt with the results of the previous doctor's examination, do not hesitate to ask for your second opinion by going back to the doctor or other surgeon.

I hope this helps.

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