Mammary Ultrasound Results

Illustration of Mammary Ultrasound Results
Illustration: Mammary Ultrasound Results

at night I want to ask a lot … I can see a solid lesion on my left breast, firm boundary, regular edge, at 06:00. Priareola-retrolpapil size 1.11 * 0.62. * 0.89 cm … What does that mean doc? What action do I need to take? And there are no foods that should not be eaten …?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at The ultrasound results indicate a mass or abnormal tissue growth in your left breast, the size of which is called 1.11x0.62x0.89 cm. But here it is not mentioned whether the abnormal growth is a malignancy or not, although usually those that have a firm boundary and regular edges are a lump that is not malignant.

For this condition, one of the treatment options is to perform surgery to remove the lump, but this will depend again on the decision of the surgeon who examined you. Our advice, you should continue to consult these results with your surgeon or oncologist, because even if not consulted, treatment can not be obtained freely without a doctor's prescription. So it is important for you to immediately check in order to avoid misunderstandings and make sure you immediately get treatment.

Meanwhile, there are no restrictions on food, the recommendation is to simply live a healthy lifestyle in general by avoiding cigarette smoke, maintaining ideal body weight, exercising regularly, not taking drugs without doctor's advice, avoiding alcohol, and getting enough rest. So, hopefully answering your question.

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