Management Of Anemia In Pregnant Women?

Illustration of Management Of Anemia In Pregnant Women?
Illustration: Management Of Anemia In Pregnant Women?

I want to ask, is it possible to drug iberet folic for pregnant women who are anemic?

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Hello Zainal.

Anemia is a condition where the body lacks red blood cells. Anemia is quite common in pregnant women. Anemia can be caused by various causes, such as one of them due to iron and folic acid deficiency.

Iberet folic is a supplement that contains compositions such as folic acid, iron, vitamin C, and other multivitamins. Consumption of supplements containing folic acid and iron is recommended for pregnant women, so these supplements can be consumed safely in pregnant women. But it is recommended before giving these supplements you should consult directly with your doctor first, so that the doctor can check your condition directly, and later the doctor can provide the right vitamin recommendations according to your circumstances.

Consumption of nutritious foods that contain high protein and iron, such as fish, eggs, beef, and milk for pregnant women.

The following article you can read about folate acid

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