Management Of Asthma?

Illustration of Management Of Asthma?
Illustration: Management Of Asthma?

Hello doctor .. My mother, 58 years old, suffered from asthma since childhood. Prn on x ray and then given oral medicine n smp now my mother is taking oral medicines but recently my mother was given a prescription by a spray medicine doctor. What I want to ask is what checks should my mother do besides X ray ?? Thank you

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Hello Hamsiah, thank you for asking.

Asthma bronchiale is a condition of chronic inflammation of the respiratory tract that occurs due to exposure to a particular particle, or due to changes in certain situations and conditions. The trigger can be in the form of particles that are allergens, such as dust, smoke, animal hair, certain foods, pollen, and so on. Besides asthma can also be triggered by changes in temperature and humidity and emotional changes in a person. When asthma occurs, the airways become inflamed and swollen, excess mucus production, and narrowing of the airways. All of these things cause symptoms of shortness of breath that varies in intensity.

Asthma is generally lifelong. Although in some people, a healthy lifestyle and a good diet, can keep asthma from recurring for years. Asthma medication is to overcome the inflammation of the respiratory tract and dilate the respiratory tract. Drugs can be symptomatic, meaning they are given when symptoms occur. Medication can also be preventive, namely to prevent asthma symptoms. The drug can be in the form of tablets or inhalers (inhaled spray drugs). The type and dosage of the drug depends on the condition of each individual.

Actually there is no specific examination on asthma. In addition to chest x-rays, your mother may undergo a spirometer to assess lung function. However, generally people with asthma do not require special examinations. That is because, when outside of an asthma attack, then the picture of the lung and lung function will be normal. Then the supporting examination will not give any picture. Meanwhile, when asthma symptoms arise, then the diagnosis is sufficient to be given based on physical examination does not need special investigations. If you are still unsure about this, please consult with your doctor who treats your mother. The doctor will explain what checks are needed and not needed.

Hopefully this answer is quite useful. Regards.

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