Management Of Bone Flu?

Illustration of Management Of Bone Flu?
Illustration: Management Of Bone Flu?

ass good night. sorry I asked this morning in the morning. I am curious. is it true that if someone who has had a cold with a cold has no bone cancer? My wife was diagnosed with a cold by the doctor and then given a cure. again … I’m searching if he has been exposed to a virus, anti-body will remember so that the anti-body can fight the virus?

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Hello Satya.

Bone flu or referred to as chikungunya is an infection caused by a virus. Bone flu can be transmitted through mosquito bites. Bone flu disease can occur in anyone both young and old. Bone flu in general is not dangerous, and can heal by itself. From your wife's situation, if your wife has a bone flu and after 12 days the pain returns again then it could have been a natural disease journey. Because in some cases, pain can reappear even after many years later. The pain does not mean that your wife has another bone flu virus, because usually someone who has the bone flu will have immunity.

Endurance, diet, and adequate rest are also very important so that the pain does not reappear. So for the initial step, you are right to give paracetamol or ibuprofen for a while.

But besides that, the pain that your wife is experiencing can also be caused due to other causes such as:

dengue fever
calcium deficiency

therefore, if your wife's condition does not improve within 2-3 days, it is recommended that your wife re-check with the doctor, so that the doctor can check your wife's condition again.

The following article you can read about bone flu

may be useful. Thank you

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