Management Of Diabetic Neuropathic Disease?

I would like to ask what is diabetic neuropathy, can this disease be cured and what medications can be consumed to cure this disease.

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Hello Junes,

Thank you for your question.

Diabetic neuropathy is a condition caused by diabetes / sugar. Diabetic neuropathy has a variety of symptoms, depending on where the nerve is damaged, such symptoms include tingling, pain, heat and even numbness. In addition to diabetic neuropathy, diabetes / sugar, have other complications including: heart disease, kidney failure, impaired vision, and if the wound will be difficult to heal and easily exposed to infection.

It is said that you suffer from sores on the toes that are accompanied by tingling, cramps and numbness, which is caused by diabetes / diabetes. Complaints that you experience will not decrease, and will often recur if your diabetes is not treated first.

how to control sugar, there are several things, including:

1. Reduce carbohydrate intake, and sweet foods

2. light exercise regularly

3. regular consumption of sugar-lowering drugs

4. checking sugar regularly

So if you control your diabetes, then your complaints will decrease. Except, the wound that you experience is difficult to heal if not given doctor's treatment. Because the treatment of wounds caused by diabetes / sugar is very complicated. So it needs special expertise of medical personnel. If the wound is not treated immediately, the wound will widen and will result in amputation.

So my advice is, immediately check with your doctor to control your diabetes, and get wound care faster.

May be useful. Always healthy 😊

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