Management Of Diarrhea In Children?

Illustration of Management Of Diarrhea In Children?
Illustration: Management Of Diarrhea In Children?

my sister is 7 years 3 months. well some days diarrhea continues to stomach ache until shrill squeaky. I want to ask of all the drugs that I mentioned above, which medicine for diarrhea, yes? Then there is also a suggestion for fluid intake because of course lack of fluids if diarrhea.

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Hello Dimsly Dimsly, thank you for asking

Diarrhea is a watery stool that is more frequent than usual, called acute if <7 days. Child's diarrhea can be caused by:

Infection: viruses, bacteria, parasites
Lactose intolerance: the body cannot digest lactose
Food allergies
Food poisoning

From the medicines you mentioned, the most likely antibiotic is the medicine for the diarrhea. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends giving ORS to prevent dehydration in children who have diarrhea and / or vomiting. How to use ORS: dissolve every 1 sacchet ORS in 200ml of water, then give 1- 1½ cups of each child diarrhea. If there are signs of severe dehydration in children such as children becoming lazy to drink, tend to sleep / limp, pinch the skin back to the stomach slowly and the eyes of a cow, immediately take the child to the nearest emergency room. To temporarily continue child care at home, you can give zinc tablets (good for regenerating intestinal villi), intestinal probiotic powder (can be bought freely at pharmacies), and if still diarrhea can be added attapulgit / pectin (can be purchased freely at pharmacies) whose function is to absorb toxins in the intestine in accordance with the rules of use on the packaging. Also give food that is soupy (for example soup), and avoid foods that are too spicy and high in fat for a while (try not to put cow's milk in the child's diet), and avoid fruit juice for a while until the vomiting is healed.

That's all our answer, hopefully useful, good morning.

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