Management Of ESWL Postoperative Pain?

Illustration of Management Of ESWL Postoperative Pain?
Illustration: Management Of ESWL Postoperative Pain?

Good morning, today exactly 2 months after the ESWL operation, the actual dj stent release schedule was on August 2, but due to a technical error on my BPJS card, finally my schedule for dj stent revocation was postponed to September 5. But lately the pain often arises, I have consulted the doctor concerned only given anti-pain medication, but the pain still continues. Maybe there is a suggestion from the doctor what steps I should take next. thanks.

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Hello Dzulkifli Pratama,

Double J stent (DJ stent) is a special small tube inserted into the ureteral channel (the channel from the kidney to the bladder) with the aim of:

Keeping the urinary tract open and good urine flow
Prevents further blockage due to stones
Prevent urinary spasm or collapse after the removal of urinary tract stones
and so forth

How long the dj stent is retained in the ureter depends on the case and the purpose of the placement of the dj stent itself. Most dj stents are maintained for 3 months before being released, but some are less than 3 months and some are more than 3 months to 12 months. The use of dj stents in the long term is usually replaced periodically with a new dj stent every 2-3 months.

Effects that can be felt by patients after dj stent installation include:

Often BAK and such can not be arrested
Urinary pain
Feeling incomplete after BAK
Pain in the waist or lower abdomen

In rare cases, infection can occur, dislocation dj stents, or blockage dj stents. Controlling discomfort due to dj stent is by giving pain relievers and some drugs are given to relax the muscles around the urinary tract.

The dj stent release itself usually only uses local anesthesia (conscious patient). Releasing is done with the help of a cytoscopic device that is inserted from the external urinary tract (urethra in the penis if male). After visualizing the tip of the dj stent, the doctor will pull the dj stent out. For the time being waiting for the schedule to remove the dj stent, you can consult with your doctor to continue taking pain medication. However, if complaints arise such as severe abdominal pain, urinating is reduced or not urinating at all, appear fever, you should immediately control with a urologist who handles. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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