Management Of Heart Disease And Asthma?

my uncle’s doctor is being treated at his heart hospital only partially functioning what should I do because he is also asthmatic what should I do for his treatment ???

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To avoid misunderstanding, you need to know more about what you mean by heart function in part only. In understanding this information, a decrease in heart function is associated with the condition of heart failure, which is a failure of the heart's pump function in flowing blood throughout the body.

Asthma is a condition of hypersensitivity or excessive response of the respiratory tract to the originator or certain things that are generally harmless, such as dust, cold air, cigarette smoke, etc.

To get the right treatment, we need to know the cause of the complaint, it is necessary to do a history and direct physical examination. And assess the severity of the condition that occurs.

Some general tips that can help:

Do not smoke
Do not consume alcohol
Limit your intake of salt and sugar
Maintain a healthy and regular diet
Maintain ideal body weight
Light exercise regularly and regularly
Perform routine control with a cardiologist
Take medication according to doctor's recommendation

To get more information related to your uncle's condition, you should consult this matter with your doctor who previously treated your uncle to get the right information and in accordance with your uncle's condition.

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