Management Of Heart Swelling Due To High Blood Pressure?

Illustration of Management Of Heart Swelling Due To High Blood Pressure?
Illustration: Management Of Heart Swelling Due To High Blood Pressure?

Excuse me . Sorry I want to ask about heart disease. R nDo, what is the best way to cure a heart that is swollen due to blood pressure? R nDo you have to use the ring fixing method? R nThere are other methods besides that? And what is the cure rate?

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Swelling of the heart in the medical realm is also called cardiomegaly. This condition is actually not a disease, but a symptom of a particular disease. Clinically, cardiomegaly sufferers often experience shortness of breath, heart rhythm disturbances, or swelling of the body. Various conditions can cause cardiomegaly, one of the most common is hypertension (high blood pressure). How are these two conditions related?

When experiencing high blood pressure, the heart needs to contract more forcefully to pump blood throughout the body. To be able to compensate for this, the heart muscle will widen and also thicken. Initially, this heart swelling will appear in the left ventricle. However, if it continues, it can also affect other cardiac chambers.

In addition to hypertension, cardiomegaly can also occur due to disorders of heart rate, weak heart (cardiomyopathy), pulmonary hypertension, pericardial effusion, anemia, thyroid gland disorders, hemochromatosis, and so on. Treatment of each of these conditions can differ depending on the cause.

If pure hypertension causes cardiomegaly, then the handling of this condition is certainly done by controlling blood pressure. This effort can be done through various approaches, such as:

Provision of anti-hypertensive medication Eating regulation (DASH diet) Regulation of physical activity and exercise Weight control Good stress management Changes in healthy lifestyles, such as stopping smoking, staying away from alcohol, minimizing caffeine consumption, sleeping with discipline With good blood pressure control, by itself, the condition of the heart will improve. Ringing can be done in cardiomegaly cases related to coronary heart disease. If not, of course this action does not need to be done.

In connection with your question, how is the potential for cardiomegaly recovery triggered by hypertension, the answer can vary greatly, depending on the severity of the disease, treatment undertaken, and also the responsiveness of the patient to the treatment given. Therefore, it is far more appropriate if you consult this matter directly with your doctor or internist.

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