Management Of Herpes In 16-year-olds?

Illustration of Management Of Herpes In 16-year-olds?
Illustration: Management Of Herpes In 16-year-olds?

People say that every human being will get chickenpox, is that true? R nI’m now 16 years old and have never had chicken pox before, but a year ago suddenly I got herpes in the nose, but as far as I know, herpes can be infected if it’s had chicken pox. I brought the herpes before but the doctor spread to my lips and hands, after almost 1 month healed. And now the herpes is coming again on the wrist, left leg and lips. For the time being, the treatment that I did was applying honey on my lips, the other part was I applied a topical medication because I hadn’t had time to see a doctor directly. while at school I put a band-aid on the wound because it couldn’t stand uniform friction. Can the wound be hit by a fan too? Is my treatment correct? And is it true that herpes can not be completely healed during his life? thank you

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Chickenpox is a disease that is caused due to a viral infection. Chickenpox is not always affected on everyone, yes, but indeed in most people will experience chickenpox. Chickenpox is a highly contagious disease, chickenpox can be transmitted through direct contact or through respiratory air.

Shingles is indeed a form of reactivation of chicken pox in adults. Maybe you have had chickenpox before but with minimal symptoms so the symptoms are not severe and you are not aware of them. Herpes can cause symptoms such as the appearance of reddish spots accompanied by the appearance of bouncy that contains fluid / pus, feels pain, itching and heat. Recovered herpes can also recur again.

If you are currently experiencing recurrence of herpes again, then you should check with your doctor again, so the doctor can check your condition again and provide appropriate therapy.

Applying honey is not beneficial for herpes. The bouncy rash may be exposed to the wind or fan. Treatment that you do if you only use honey is not right, optimal treatment usually requires treatment with certain antivirals. Herpes can recur again later, especially if your immune system is weak. Therefore, consult a doctor directly.

The following article you can read about Shingles

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