Management Of High Blood Pressure In The Elderly?

Illustration of Management Of High Blood Pressure In The Elderly?
Illustration: Management Of High Blood Pressure In The Elderly?


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High blood pressure or also known as hypertension is a condition of increased pressure on blood vessels due to disorders of the arteries that can be experienced by everyone, especially adults. The condition of hypertension itself is important to control so as not to cause various complications such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, and so forth.

There are several factors that can increase a person's risk of developing hypertension, namely:

Age factors, where older people develop stiffness in blood vessels. Food factors, such as foods that are high in salt, fat, or soft drinks, alcohol. Factors of poor habits such as smoking, lack of rest, lack of rest / fatigue Psychological factors (stress) Obesity Hereditary / genetic factors Hypertension itself is usually asymptomatic, so a person does not know he has hypertension until the time of blood pressure examination, or in some people, this condition may cause some symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, nosebleeds without other causes, weakness, and etcetera.

Someone can be said to have hypertension when on two measurements of blood pressure, the measurement results obtained> 140/90 mmHg. The following is a classification of blood pressure measurement results that can be used:

Normal: systolic blood pressure (when the heart contracts) <120 and diastolic pressure (when the heart relaxes / 'per') <80 Pre-hypertension: systolic blood pressure 120-139 or diastolic pressure 80-89 Stage I hypertension: blood pressure systole 140-159 or diastolic pressure 90-99 Stage II hypertension: systolic blood pressure> 160 or diastolic pressure> 100 People with pre-hypertension results do not need medication to control blood pressure, but the person only needs to improve their lifestyle and make a pattern healthy life. Whereas for people who enter hypertension criteria and are diagnosed with hypertension, it is necessary to control blood pressure using high blood pressure medications.

For your father's condition, my suggestion is that a re-examination is needed to confirm the diagnosis of hypertension (because two measurements are needed that show results above the normal blood pressure to establish the diagnosis). You can check your father back to the doctor so that the doctor can explore further the risk factors owned by your father, the history of his illness, and family history. The doctor will also do a complete physical examination, including blood pressure checks.

For the time being, treatment is not needed first. Keep your father's health and fitness condition by:

Eat foods low in salt, low in fat, and avoid soft drinks or alcohol. Increase the consumption of vegetables and fruit Physical activity on a regular basis, 3-5 times per week with a duration of at least 30 minutes (choose physical activity that suits each ability, for example jogging, brisk walking, swimming, cycling, etc.) Rest that enough, a minimum of 7-9 hours per day and avoid sleeping too late Manage stress well, for example by relaxation or running a hobby Consumption of water at least 2 liters per day or equivalent to 8 glasses Stop smoking / cigarette smoke habits Control the conditions / other diseases that are suffered if there is (eg diabetes, cholesterol, etc.) However, if after two measurements of blood pressure still obtained results that fall into the criteria for hypertension, further consult the appropriate treatment for your father with your doctor. Your doctor may give blood pressure control drugs and propose to improve your lifestyle that is not good.

Also read: Normal Blood Pressure in Adults and Conquerors of High Blood Pressure Foods.

That's all, hopefully it's useful and hopefully your father is always healthy.


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