Management Of Hypomastia?

Illustration of Management Of Hypomastia?
Illustration: Management Of Hypomastia?

… Is hypomastia deadly? And if not operated, will it be dangerous?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at By definition, hypomastia is a condition of a woman's breasts that are smaller than normal size, or have not developed at all, so their size is the same as it was before puberty as a teenager.

This definition is indeed rather difficult to apply in the real world, because actually there is no measurement of breast which is objectively said to be normal. Many women have small breasts and it is not a disorder. So that the hypomastia condition usually does not stand alone, but there is additional information that accompanies such as small breasts that only exist in one breast, and the other breast size is significantly different. Other information can also be a history of surgery on the breast, a history of genetic disorders or certain syndromes, and much more.

So it's simple to say, if a woman has small breasts but doesn't feel any physical complaints (not including insecurity because it depends on each person's view of the drama), and can live a good daily life like people in general, then she do not experience hypomastia.

Now for those who are experiencing hypomastia, the treatment varies because it will depend on the main cause that must also be addressed. But the point would certainly involve breast enlargement, could use hormone therapy or surgery. This condition is not dangerous, and because this condition is quite rare, it is better if you hear yourself or someone you know has hypomastia, you first clarify with the surgeon before drawing conclusions. So, hopefully answering your question.

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