Management Of Left Foot Pain Due To A Fall In Stroke Patients?

Illustration of Management Of Left Foot Pain Due To A Fall In Stroke Patients?
Illustration: Management Of Left Foot Pain Due To A Fall In Stroke Patients?

night. want to consult. my father had a stroke 3 years ago and this morning fell while walking. after falling he feels pain in his left buttock (left stroke). so he feels pain when moving his legs, nudging, or sitting. Please help. I was confused what to do. want to be taken to the hospital. but the father always cried out in pain when his left foot was touched. from morning until now only lie and sit in the room. I had ordered the joint pain reliever earlier.

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 Pain experienced in the left buttock of your father, can be caused by the following conditions that occur due to injury when falling, namely:
 1. Dislocation or displacement of the hip joint
 2. Ischialgia is pain that is felt due to inflammation of the ischiadikus nerve. Inflammation can occur due to pinched nerves caused by injury. These nerves supply the legs from the buttocks, thighs to the legs.
 3. Broken bones or fractures.
 4. Muscle stretch or tear.
 Before falling, did your father experience sudden weakness or numbness of the limbs? If so, most likely your father fell due to a stroke. Especially if it is accompanied by Pello (difficulty speaking) and / or a wry face. These signs and symptoms reinforce that your father suffered a stroke at that time. In this case, your father must be immediately taken to the nearest hospital emergency room so that he can be examined and given appropriate and fast treatment. If necessary, your father will undergo a CT scan of the head to see the brain damage that occurs and determine the type of stroke experienced (whether an ischemic stroke or a bleeding stroke). Stroke that does not get the right treatment, can be repeated with more severe conditions in the near future.
 In addition, the condition of the left leg which is painful and difficult to move after injury, needs further examination. The doctor will request an X-ray and / or MRI examination if necessary.
 Meanwhile, the diseased limb must be rested. The diseased leg may not move until the examining doctor allows it, by attaching the splint or by tying the left leg to the right leg. To relieve pain symptoms, you can give over-the-counter pain relievers and apply ice packs. Then immediately bring your father to the hospital huh.
 Thus hopefully useful.

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