Management Of Migraine Headaches?

Illustration of Management Of Migraine Headaches?
Illustration: Management Of Migraine Headaches?

Good night doc. Yesterday I had a great migraine … in massage with my husband instead of getting better to even get sick, even after taking the medicine

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Hello Dewi, thank you for asking.

Migraine or migraine is a headache that is felt on one side of the head (although in some people can be felt on both heads), the pain is felt throbbing, and can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting. Often the symptoms can also be accompanied by cold sweat, anxiety, tension in the neck and shoulder muscles, sensitive to certain odor-sound-light. Until now, the mechanism of migraine causes cannot be fully explained.

There are several risk factors that cause migraine recurrence, namely:

Physical fatigue.
Not optimal night rest.
Sleep disturbance.
Psychic stress.
Certain position.
Certain smells, sounds or light.
The effect of certain drugs.

Migraine is often preceded by an initial period, which occurs several days before the attack. Symptoms in the period before the attack generally include fatigue, lethargy, mood disorders, tension in the nape of the neck and shoulders, or sleep disorders. Shortly before a migraine appears, in some people an aura can arise. Aura in the form of glare (reflection of light) or flashes (flashes of light) on the vision, there is a halo on the vision, smell a certain, blurry vision. Then a migraine attack occurs and can last for several hours or several days. After an attack is finished, it generally goes into the post-attack period, where someone becomes sleepy and weak.

But not everyone experiences these four periods. Often attacks occur suddenly. Migraines that cannot be treated with over-the-counter pain medications must be treated with prescription drugs. You should consult with a doctor to get the drug, because the drug should not be purchased freely and is rarely obtained. Inappropriate use of migraine medication can make the migraine worse. Therefore, please consult with your doctor first. Your doctor may be able to give triptan, ergot, anti-convulsant, or muscle relaxants.

You can try several methods at home:

Get a good rest. Stay in a position that you think is most comfortable. Position the pillow so that the neck and shoulders are in a comfortable position.
Turn off the lights and as much as possible turn off unnecessary sounds.
Do not look at the electronic screen in a dark or dark room.
Stretch for the nape of the neck and shoulder muscles.
Warm compresses on the area that is sick and stiff.
Sleep 6-8 hours a night.

If there is no improvement, immediately see a doctor. That is my explanation. May be useful. Regards.

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