Management Of Pain In The Coccyx

Illustration of Management Of Pain In The Coccyx
Illustration: Management Of Pain In The Coccyx

I am a 22 year old woman who fell down the stairs about 9 months ago. When it fell, it sat down and at that time the back of the hip bone (around the lumbar 5 down) underwent a hard enough pressure, causing bruising and swelling in the lumbar area. After falling there is no examination and no medication. But after 1 month I felt the pain did not go away and every time I sat there was a lump in the rectal area. then I try to get a massage after 1 month of falling. But after a massage there was still no change. In fact, it has been almost 9 months that I continue to experience pain in the tailbone area when lying on my back, or sitting. The pain when being gently massaged in the hip area and around the coccyx actually makes it more painful. Now to lie on your side, supine, and a long sitting position also sometimes makes pain in the hip area up to the coccyx. Yesterday the pain reached the upper back. I try to apply pain reliever but it still feels painful and uncomfortable when sitting, lying supine or tilted. Is this not dangerous? Remembering when I was a child I often fell in a sitting position and I had experienced back pain when I was 18 years old because of the wrong position when carrying heavy loads. Please explain doctor. Thank you

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Your condition can mean a number of things, including cracks in the spine, pinched nerves, abnormalities in the structure of the spine, muscle injuries, nerve injuries, etc. which, if detailed, can be even more likely, such as which part of the bone , which nerves, and what muscles.

Against this condition, it is ideally when this condition occurs the first time, you should immediately consult a doctor. Even if it does not go directly to the doctor, the recommendation is that if the condition does not improve within 3-5 days with personal treatment, then after that you should go directly to the doctor. This is to avoid the damage is already severe when you end up seeing a doctor. Because if so, the hope of recovery will be smaller and the risk can be even greater.

In your case, lack of pain medication and worsening of symptoms when a massage indicates that the complaint is not in the muscles. Maybe the abnormality is in the bones or nerves. But this is not enough, it needs direct examination and support such as X-rays, or even MRI to see the neural network. Therefore, we recommend that you immediately consult yourself a bone doctor or neurologist to confirm the diagnosis through a series of historical excavations, physical examination and support. From this examination, the best treatment for you can be determined.

Meanwhile, limit your activities, avoid lifting heavy loads, warm compresses to the painful part, and if you go to the clinic or hospital later, wear a mask and wash your hands regularly, and when you return home, immediately change your clothes and take a shower to avoid viral infections. corona. So, hopefully answering your question.

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