Management Of Painful Urination With Pus?

, I often masturbate suddenly there is a white liquid yellow like pus, pain when urinating … Can I use antibiotic amoxilin tryhydrat or not?

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Hello kingqueen, thank you for the question to

Before I introduce, Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

Urinary discharge or pain during urination is one of the signs and symptoms that indicate a problem with the reproductive organs. You need to make sure the yellowish white liquid is true pus or not. The most common problem that arises with these symptoms is the occurrence of infection in the urinary tract or in the reproductive tract. The emergence of infection in these channels usually occurs because there is contact with other patients. What you need to remember is "Have you ever had sex with your partner / with other people without using a condom (risky relationship)?" If "Ever" then here are some diseases that might occur to you:

 Gonorrhea Urethritis / Urethra Inflammation due to Gonorrhea Inflammation of non-Gonorrhea Urethra The above diseases are included in sexually transmitted diseases that are transmitted through direct contact. Symptoms and signs of the disease are very similar and the difference is the bacteria or germs that cause it. Symptoms include fever, pain in the penis, pain when urinating, pain during erection, gonorrhea, etc.

Risk factors that have the potential to transmit the disease are unsafe sexual behavior, including unprotected sex (condoms) with strangers, deviant sexual behavior.

In the treatment of these diseases can not be done haphazardly. If carelessly treat germs can spread to deeper organs and can increase the risk of infertility or even cause death. Immediately check yourself near the nearest doctor to get the right treatment.

If all of the explanations I have outlined above are wrong, you have never done anything similar, so the possibility of complaints comes from excessive masturbation habits that you do that cause your reproductive organs to become inflamed.

Here are some things you can do right now are:

 Stop masturbation / reduce masturbation while complaints are still felt. Do not take medicine without a doctor's direction / prescription because it can harm you. Immediately consult your complaint to the nearest doctor and do not be delayed given the long-term complications of the disease. Don't have high-risk sex. Get enough rest That's the answer I give, hopefully it can help


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