Management Of Parkinson’s Disease?

Illustration of Management Of Parkinson’s Disease?
Illustration: Management Of Parkinson’s Disease?

my father suffered from Parkinson’s very long time already around 7 years, according to the doctor because of the small impact factor. Now my father’s illness is very severe, already very addicted to drugs if there is no really severe medicine, can’t keep his body trembling, his body is hot, he can’t keep quiet at all. million 😓😓😓 The most commonly consumed drug is levazid and alprasolan

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Hello Caya Thank you for asking

Parkinson is one of the neurological diseases that affects the part of the brain that works to regulate brain chemicals called neurotransmitters, the hormone dopamine. This dopamine has a function in the movement, therefore this disease can cause movement disorders such as tremors to stiff. And Parkinson's disease will continue for years with varying severity.

Unfortunately until now if someone is exposed to Parkonson disease, then this disease cannot be completely cured. In Parkonsosn's disease, doctors will usually provide drugs to control the movement disorders and work directly to affect the hormone dopamine in the body.

Some factors that influence the occurrence of Parkinson's disease such as:

Genetic and hereditary factors
Age, old age is a factor in the occurrence of this Parkonson disease
Exposure to environmental toxins, for example in several articles on environmental toxins that can trigger carbon monoxide and carbon disulfide
Gender, usually parkonson more often affects men

Usually serious treatments such as surgery or surgery will only be done if the complaint has seriously disrupted your father's activities, or if therapy with drugs does not have a good effect or does not reduce symptoms. Therefore the treatment given will depend on the severity of the father You.

Drugs that can be used to control Parkonson's disease are anticolinergic and levodopa drugs. These drugs will usually continue to be used in the long term to reduce symptoms, because parkonson itself cannot be fully cured and funds will continue. Further instructions regarding the plan or therapeutic option to the neurologist who has handled your father.

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