Management Of Prolonged Allergies?

Tonight docs I want to ask in the past few months I often experience bumps in my body and bumps with a lot of points throughout the body and there must be a lot of itchy feeling … almost 3 months I have been like this. the weather is not good I like to suddenly bump on one of my body and usually it doesn’t disappear long without drugs .. as far as I remember years ago I was never like a swollen bidet until my face disappeared a few days. yes … now every time I eat fish and chicken it’s really fast reaction, it will cause a bump like that … What I want to ask is why I can feel the bumps are prolonged … it will subside if I take medicine … the next day it happens again … what can prove to me that I am actually allergic to what … What test should I do? Thank you…

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Hello Neng,

Previously it needs to be ascertained first if the bumps and itching really is an allergic reaction to the skin (biduran), or caused by other things. Apart from allergies, itching can also be caused by very dry skin, skin irritation, scabies / scabies, eczema, fungal infections, and insect bites.

Itching due to allergies usually causes reddish bumps and sometimes accompanied by a stinging feeling and swelling in the lips / eyes, if a more severe allergic reaction can appear swelling in other parts of the body, shortness of breath, to decreased consciousness. Itching due to allergies will appear when the body is exposed to triggers / allergens.

Triggers allergies are very likely to be like food (some for example seafood, nuts, milk and milk products, flour), environmental temperature, dust, mites, pollen, certain chemical substances, and drugs. Allergic reactions can be more severe under conditions of stress, immune disorders, or have a history of autoimmune diseases. If the itchy reaction due to an allergy persists for more than 6 weeks, other possibilities need to be considered such as thyroid gland disorders, hepatitis, intestinal disorders, and kidney disorders.

For now try the following tips:

Try to note whenever itching appears and identify any triggers
If there is already a suspicion of an itch trigger, you should start avoiding the trigger
Get enough rest and avoid stress
Try not to scratch the itchy part
Use clothes that are more comfortable and not tight
Use calamin lotion to reduce itching

If you cannot recognize the triggers or the possibility of triggers very much and you are experiencing more frequent itching, you should consult a dermatologist directly so that further tests can be done to make sure your condition is correct because of allergies or not and if due to allergies can be ascertained what triggers only. Your doctor may conduct a supplementary examination with an allergy test and blood test to help determine the cause of your itching.

Then the doctor can provide the most appropriate treatment for you. In general, the main treatment for itching due to allergies is to avoid the trigger. However, if it already appears itchy, the doctor can give antihistamines and if necessary corticosteroids to reduce symptoms.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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