Management Of Prolonged Dizziness Accompanied By Abdominal Pain?

Illustration of Management Of Prolonged Dizziness Accompanied By Abdominal Pain?
Illustration: Management Of Prolonged Dizziness Accompanied By Abdominal Pain?

Noon I have a 10 year old sister. It’s been almost 2 weeks he always complained of dizziness, and stomach pain. But the more dominant one is more dizzy. Had a check with the doctor too, said the doctor who caused his dizziness because of the stomach, it could be due to cellphone radiation as well. Because indeed my sister has often been playing lately, not before. After taking the medicine for stomach antacids and paracetamol until they run out. But still my sister still complains of dizziness. Even though his stomach is not sick. when activities at school such as learning to see the writing or light he said dizzy. Well, what I want to ask is, what is the dizziness? It’s been almost 2 weeks that the headache doesn’t heal, sometimes it still likes to relapse? Thanks.

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Dizziness that appears accompanied by abdominal pain is one of which can be caused by problems in the stomach, for example gastritis, peptic ulcers, gastric cancer, and so on. Not only dizziness and abdominal pain, stomach problems often also cause children to become bloated, nausea, decreased appetite, can even vomit, diarrhea, and lose weight. Depending on the type of stomach problem, this condition can be treated with a variety, one of which is by administering a stomach acid neutralizing drug as your doctor prescribes to you. This treatment can also be combined with administration of anti-dizziness drugs that are safe for the stomach, for example paracetamol.

If the dizziness that your sister is experiencing is purely due to a stomach problem, after the stomach problem is resolved, the dizziness should also improve. However, if the dizziness is still felt until now, it is also necessary to think about other possible causes, such as migraines, cluster headaches, asthenopia (tired eyes), myopia (nearsightedness), astigmatism (astigmatism), brain tumors, viral or bacterial infections, injuries head, cerebral aneurysm, stress, sinusitis, anemia, hypotension, and so on. Distinguishing various possible causes of this dizziness should not be haphazard. First, you need to have your sister checked by a doctor or neurologist so that an in-depth examination, including for example with x-rays, laboratories, CT scans, MRI, and so on. Through this method, proper handling can be given.

To help your sister ease her headaches, you can encourage her to undergo the following tips:

Eat more regularly, a little but often
Do not overeat foods that contain flavoring
Drink enough
Do not always physical activity too tired
Sleep early and regularly
Don't over-use the gadget (maximum 2 hours per day)
Don't think too much about unnecessary things
Stay away from cigarettes, drugs, alcohol
Take time to exercise every day

Hope this helps ...

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