Management Of Shortness Of Breath In The Elderly?

good night. I nabila, I have a 70-year-old grandmother, now I am sick, which she feels at night like lack of oxygen / tightness in her chest. and sometimes it’s hard to stand up … please help with a solution … and I have also taken her to the nearest hospital . the disease has come out again and my grandmother is very difficult to be taken to the hospital for treatment, that’s what makes me restless … before and after I say thank you for the solution and handling it..met night.

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At the age of 70 years, an individual's physical abilities will decrease, both decreased memory, hearing, decreased metabolic function and other declining health. This will affect the quality of life of patients in undergoing their daily activities and habits. Therefore, conducting a comprehensive health examination is expected to be able to understand the clinical condition of your grandmother, so that your grandmother, family and you can find out your grandmother's current health condition, especially with regard to perceived health complaints.

If your grandmother is experiencing complaints of shortness now, your appetite decreases and it is difficult to stand up; the possibility of this being interrelated and influencing each other. Complaints of tightness that is felt can reduce your grandmother's appetite, and if your appetite decreases, then the energy for activity is also lacking, so that the condition of physical and muscular strength is also reduced which can make it difficult for your grandmother to stand. Therefore, controlling and recovering complaints of tightness and restoring your grandmother's appetite is an important step that must be done. One of them begins by knowing the cause of shortness and appetite disorders, so that the treatment given is more appropriate. This can only be done by a direct examination by a doctor, so consult your family doctor either in person or by call; or directly consult a doctor of internal medicine will help the initial examination and find out the cause of this complaint. The doctor will consider several possibilities that trigger the complaints your grandmother feels, such as:

1. heart disease

2. stomach upset

3. respiratory problems and / or respiratory tract infections

4. impaired liver function

While complaints can not stand the possibility can be caused by arthritis, gout, calcification of joints, bone loss.

To ensure all this, doctors can plan blood tests, heart examinations, radiological examinations, or ultrasound examinations. The results of the inspection will be a reference for handling and maintenance. Therefore, treatment is only given by a doctor after the examination is done. And if it is difficult to bring to the hospital, you can ask your family doctor who receives home visit services at your home. Thus, supervision and care can still be given.

For the time being, try to keep food intake even if it's a little, have enough fluids, and keep your grandmother in a half-sitting position to help reduce complaints of tightness.

Thus the info we can convey.

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