Management Of Visual Impairment In People With High Blood Pressure?

Illustration of Management Of Visual Impairment In People With High Blood Pressure?
Illustration: Management Of Visual Impairment In People With High Blood Pressure?

Morning … I want to ask, my mother has high blood pressure and has hit her eyes, she said from the doctor I have met, my mother has had an eye stroke and now my mother cannot see her left eye. can it be cured and can see again? And is there any chance that the eye on the other side might be affected as well? In and Dr. Blood expert but still not met too. I wonder what can I do to quickly find the cause? That’s all the questions I ask for help … Thank you … Mother

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As you might already know, eye strokes can cause a person to experience a loss of vision. Of course this will greatly make the enlightenment and his immediate family worry about it, and we understand your concerns about your mother's condition.

Eye stroke is medically known as retinal artery occlusion, where there is a blockage in the blood vessels in the retina and causes blood supply from the heart to the eye to decrease. Blockages that occur can be due to narrowing of blood vessels or the presence of blood clots that clog and block blood flow from the heart to the eye. If this is left in a long time, then slowly the blood vessels can become ruptured, and cause blood to spill onto the surface of the retina, resulting in swelling of the retina resulting in blurred vision.

Eye strokes are generally caused by chronic diseases in the body such as diabetes, high blood pressure / hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease, glaucoma, cardiovascular disease or heart arteries and abnormalities in the blood. Risk factors for eye strokes are increasing in people who:

Aged more than 40 years Using hormonal contraceptives such as birth control pills or injectable birth control Having had injury to the eyes Being pregnant Suffering from kidney disease The existence of blood clotting problems Narrowing of the blood vessels of the neck Heart rhythm disturbances Inflammation in the walls of blood vessels To find the source of problems or the source of blood vessel blockage your mother should have been consulted by an ophthalmologist, so that the ophthalmologist did a complete examination related to eye strokes that are very closely related to his hypertension history. If the internal medicine doctor and a blood specialist do not find any risk factors related to the blockage of blood vessels in other organs, it may be possible to find the cause around the blood vessels in the eye. Of course this can only be done by experts.

Consult an eye doctor as soon as possible to prevent further symptoms such as:

neovascularization macular swelling / emergence of abnormal blood vessels in the retinal glaucoma neovascular loss permanent vision / blindness To prevent recurrence of recurrent eye strokes by doing things like:

control and maintain your blood pressure always within normal limits reduce salt consumption avoid stress that can trigger your mother's blood pressure to rise enough rest enough drinking water consumption Thus we can say, hopefully a little information from us can help.


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