Mandatory Immunizations Before Marriage?

Illustration of Mandatory Immunizations Before Marriage?
Illustration: Mandatory Immunizations Before Marriage?

Hello Dikter … r nGood afternoon, hopefully we are all given good health … r nI want to ask about Measles and Rubella if it attacks children and adults, can it also cause paralysis, cataracts, etc.? R nDan secondly, usually every woman who gets married is always immunized, including what immunization? Thanks greetings 🙏

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1. From your information, if measles and rubella attack a healthy child or adult, they will not cause paralysis. However, it can cause serious complications in the form of dehydration, lung and brain infections, causing death. However, in the context of today's modern medical services, this complication can be avoided with early examination and appropriate treatment.

Paralysis, cataracts, complications in newborns due to rubella experienced by the mother during pregnancy, can be risk factors that need attention.

2.Every woman before marriage is advised to get the Tetanus vaccine to prevent tetanus infection during pregnancy until delivery, so that from the start, the risk of this infection is minimized, even though the medical services currently provided have been carried out optimally to prevent tetanus.

Therefore, if you are planning a pregnancy, you can consult a gynecologist to check the risk of infection that can cause problems during pregnancy and cause abnormalities in the fetus.

That's the information we can convey, read also measles and rubella,

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