Illustration of Manstubation
Illustration: Manstubation

If I often manturbasi influence not dock. I am anus

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Hello Prisma,

Thank you for the question.

Masturbation can be done in a variety of different ways, but often is by swiping genitals to a hard blunt object or pinning it to achieve a sense of sexual satisfaction in itself. Masturbation, if only done occasionally, is often harmless. Conversely, if this action is carried out excessively, then side effects can occur, such as:

Sores or irritations in the genitals, can even reach the anus
Addicted, so that makes you become restless or unable to work properly if you do not do it again and again
Decreased sexual arousal to engage in real sexual activity, can even lead to erectile disorders and ejaculation
Depreciation of the forebrain, which makes it difficult to concentrate, inability to make wise decisions, tends to behave impulsively, and so on

Need to be clarified, what kind of anus condition do you experience?

Complaints in the anus can not only arise due to the effects of masturbation, but may also be due to infection, allergies, irritation, malignancy, genetic disorders, and many other triggers. Unfortunately, you can explain the condition of the anus as what you mean. Therefore, it is difficult for us to determine the potential cause, whether it is related to masturbation, or not.

Our advice, in addition to stopping excessive masturbation, if you have complaints in the anus, you should consult a doctor right ..

I hope this helps.

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