Many Small Lumps Appear Black On The Child?

Illustration of Many Small Lumps Appear Black On The Child?
Illustration: Many Small Lumps Appear Black On The Child?

My child is 14 months old, already 1 month on his feet and hands there are many small lumps like pimples. Initially red, but eventually turned black. How to overcome it? Does he feel itchy? Will it make an impression until he grows up? Thanks

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Good evening, thanks for the question

Prurigo is a form of skin disease with complaints of itching for no apparent reason. Skin disorders in the form of small nodules are chronic and are residif. Skin disorders can also be accompanied by blackish marks (hyperpigmentation) and thickening of the skin, skin blisters and ulceration because they are often scratched. Skin thickening occurs secondary to chronic processes.

Places that are often affected are the body and limbs. The exact cause of prurigo is unknown. Predisposing factors for the emergence of prurigo consists of external factors and internal factors. External factors include contact with allergens, physical, socio-economic factors, nutritional status, seasonality, and hygiene and environmental sanitation. Internal factors include family history of allergies, parasitic infections, food allergies, infections, chronic diseases, malignancies, immune, hormonal, and psychogenic factors.

To avoid this, avoid insect bites by using pants and long clothes while sleeping or gardening. Use anti-pruritic lotion to reduce itching. If the skin is reddened, the doctor can give corticosteroid creams and anti-histamine drugs. Problems that arise are often cosmetic problems because they leave black marks. However, children should not need to be given a whitening cream because it can disappear slowly as a child ages.

Prurigo is residif which is easy to recur if there is a trigger. For this reason, as much as possible avoid insect bites, improve home and environmental sanitation, and improve nutritional status.

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Wassalam, Dr. Farah

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