Married At Age 30 And Postpone Pregnancy.?

Illustration of Married At Age 30 And Postpone Pregnancy.?
Illustration: Married At Age 30 And Postpone Pregnancy.?

Hello, I am 29 years old, and will get married next year (age 30). However, after marriage, I want to postpone pregnancy for about 1-2 years (using the method of calculating fertility / ejaculation outside, without using birth control), because I want to enjoy a courtship after marriage and save mentally and financially (I don’t like young children However, many say if their 30s are vulnerable to having children, especially if they are still delaying it again. And I am also afraid that later if I delay, many issues will be difficult to have children. What should be done? And is it true that delaying until the age of 32 years (with the method of fertility / ejaculation outside, without birth control), will be more difficult to have children later? Thank you, for the answer.

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Hi Monic21,

Delaying pregnancy is certainly an option for every household partner. Whether or not it needs to be considered according to existing conditions, including your age.

If you are planning a pregnancy, even if it is not in the near future, then age is an important factor to consider. Women will be very fertile in their 20s, but in the late 20s and early 30s there is little difference in the chances of pregnancy. Therefore, plans for pregnancy should be under 35 years. Some sources state that women over 35 have a lower chance of pregnancy, a higher chance of miscarriage, and a higher chance of chromosomal abnormalities. Please read: Pregnancy over 35 years

Delaying pregnancy for up to 32 years, as explained above, only slightly reduces the chance of pregnancy. But indeed the use of hormonal contraception can make the process of pregnancy more difficult, especially with the use of injection contraception. If you plan to use the method of fertility, ejaculation outside, then it will not affect you when you plan to have children later, but instead can lead to early pregnancy because of its effectiveness, which is only up to 70-80% to protect from pregnancy.

Please reconsider your plans and partner to have children, and the birth control methods that will be used. Silahan discuss with the obstetrician directly, to find out the best possible. We also recommend that you check yourself first, together with your partner, about your fertility. Because, if you postpone delaying pregnancy but it turns out that you or your partner are infertile, then as you age / your partner gets older, the more difficult it is to try to get a pregnancy later.


A woman's age and fertility

How to postpone pregnancy

Thus yes, hopefully can help you.

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